Reflow Temperature Profile

Reflow Temperature Profile


Reflow Temperature Profile (Quarts Devices)

Crystal Resonators
/MHz Band Crystal Resonators
DX1008JS, DSX1210A, DSX1612S, DSX1612SL, DSX211S, DSX211SH, DSX211G, DSX210GE, DSX221SH, DSX221G, DSX321SH, DSX321G, DSX321GK, DSX320G, DSX320GE, DSX530GA, DSX530GK, SMD-49※1
Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators
/kHz Band Crystal Resonators
DST1210A, DST1610A, DST1610AL, DST210AC, DST310S, DST311S, DMX-26S
Crystal Resouators with dedicated temperature sensorDSR1612ATH, DSR211ATH, DSR211STH, DSR221STH
DSA/DSB1612 Series
DSA/DSB211 Series
DSA/DSB221 Series
DSA/DSB321 Series
DSA/DSB535 Series
Real Time Clock Module(RTC)DSK324SR
SPXODS1008JS, DSO1612AR, DSO211A Series
DSO221S Series, DSO321S Series
DSO531S Series, DSO751S Series
DSO223S Series
DSO323S Series, DSO533 Series
DSO753H Series, DSO753S Series
DSV221SV, DSV321S Series
DSV323S Series
DSV531S/532S Series
DSV753C Series, DSV753S Series
DSV753H Series
Monolithic Crystal FiltersDSF334 Series, DSF444 Series, DSF633 Series, DSF753 Series

※1 The temperature peak for SMD-49 is 255℃.



■ Reflow Temperature Profile
(Available for lead free soldering)

Preheat160〜180℃ 120sec.
Primary heat220℃ 60sec
Peak260℃ 10sec. max.
* The reflow temperature profile may vary depending on the product model, specifications and frequency range.
Refer to the individual product specifications for details.

Reflow Temperature Profile (MEMS Devices)

The solder reflow profile shown in following figure is IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020 compliant and applies to all KDS MEMS packages; QFN, SOT23-5, 2.0x1.2 SMD, and WLCSP.

■Reflow Temperature Profile (Available for lead free soldering)







■High Temperature Infrared/Convection Reflow Conditions IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020
Moisture Sensitivity LevelLevel 1
TS MAX to TL (Ramp-up Rate)3℃/second Maximum
- Temperature Minimum (TS MIN)+150℃
- Temperature Typical (TS TYP)+175℃
- Temperature Maximum (TS MAX)+200℃
- Time (tS)60 - 180 Seconds
Ramp-up Rate (TL to TP)3℃/second Maximum
Time Maintained Above:
- Temperature (TL) 60 - 150 Seconds+217℃
- Time (TL)60 - 150 Seconds
Peak Temperature (TP) 60 - 150 Seconds+260℃ Maximum
Target Peak Temperature (TP Target)+255℃
Time within 5℃ of actual peak (tP)20 - 40 seconds
Max. Number of Reflow Cycles3
Ramp-down Rate6℃/second Maximum
Time 25℃ to Peak Temperature (t)8 minutes Maximum
Refer to datasheet for details of reflow profile specifications.