Management Policy

Management Policy

Basic policies for management

Daishinku Group has always ensured customer trust worldwide, under our policy of "reliance." Based on our motto of "quality product, reasonable cost, and on-time delivery", we design and introduce original products to satisfy our customers and shareholders. We will continue to enhance our production systems with further technological innovations to meet all of our customers' needs.

Basic policies for profit-sharing

Daishinku Group strives to maximize corporate competitiveness and take into consideration the reinforcement of business structure and so forth. We recognize that it is important basic policy in paying stable dividends to shareholders.

Medium to long-term corporate strategy and assignment

In response to changes in the business environment, we worked to break away from the conventional business style and shifted to a profit-valued management.We will continue to strengthen the selection and concentration of our products, and we will try to improve our value of the firm.

Quartz device market is expected to expand further, with telecommunications, digital home electric appliances, and automotive electronics.Daishinku Group utilizes the leading technologies and technological factors accumulated, in order to meet the needs for greater sophistication and connect them to product differentiation.

In addition, by gaining advantage with QCD (Quality Cost Delivery) as a production strategy and sales strategy of pursuing needs, we aim for CS (Customer Satisfaction) and appeal "KDS" brand. We will clarify the domain identity and focus on the management resource.Moreover, with the integration of technology, production and sales, we will work toward business development and effective management.

Basic concept and Implementation of measures for corporate govemance

Daishinku Group places high value on all stakeholders involved in our corporate activity and for shareholders and investors, we will work for internationally competitive management that is both fair and highly transparent.We will respond promptly and accurately to business environmental changes and will aim for business and affairs that are reasonable and proper. In our company, the board of directors determines the basic policy for management and at the same time, they are responsible for the audit function of the managing director's business and affairs.

The board of auditors is responsible for the audit of directors' business and affairs.

In addition, our corporate auditor participates in the board of directors meeting and other important conferences in order to audit business and affairs closely at all times. We also move closely together with the accounting auditor.

We will reflect any technical indications and objectivity to our management, which arose from the accounting audit.