KDS New Wave Story-14

Zero-defect Quality

Roles and quality required of quartz crystal devices

Quartz crystal devices generate the stable reference signals required by semiconductors (ICs) to enable smooth transmission and reception of data and display of accurate time. They are used in various applications that require digital control, ranging from products used in our daily lives to industrial equipment, such as smartphones, vehicles, and industrial robots. Thus, quartz crystal devices, which support our lives, are also called the “salt of industry” in Japan as they are indispensable to the digital society.
Quartz crystal devices are required to constantly ensure stable operation. Unstable reference signals prevent normal operation of applications and may even pose a risk to human life in some cases. Obviously, the quality is extremely important.



Ensuring stable operation of quartz crystal devices

To ensure normal and stable operation of quartz crystal devices, it is essential not to hinder the oscillation of crystal chips. The adhesion of foreign matter of only several micrometers to a crystal chip changes its oscillation, making it impossible for a quartz crystal device to generate reference signals. It should also be noted that quartz crystal devices are so fragile that they are affected by slight changes in the internal environment and differences in the size and thickness of conductive adhesives, which are used to secure crystal chips.


Aiming to achieve zero-defect quality

The Arkh series, which represents our original key products, does not use ceramic packages, metal lids, or conductive adhesives that are normally used for general quartz crystal devices. Thus, the products are designed to eliminate the impact of outgases, which are generated from internal materials after sealing, and differences in the size and thickness of conductive adhesives. Wafer-level packaging (WLP) technology is also used to allow three crystal wafers to be bonded together. Because the assembly process is performed in a vacuum atmosphere, the risk of contamination with foreign matter can be eliminated.
We aim to attain zero-defect quality based on a new design concept and a new manufacturing process.