• 1008 size, height 0.13mm max.
    Unprecedented extremely low-profile package using a novel structure
  • Composed only of quartz crystal plates and metallic films
    without the use of a ceramic base
  • Long-term high resistance to aging, due to avoiding the use of
    an organic conductive adhesive
  • Reduced risk of the inclusion of foreign matter due to assembly
    in a vacuum environment


  • Mobile communications and short-range wireless modules
  • Wearable devices
  • Automotive millimeter-wave radar

Standard Specification

Type DX1008JS
Frequency Range 48MHz 52~96MHz 120MHz
Overtone Order Fundamental
Load Capacitance 8pF, 10pF, 12pF
Drive Level 10μW (100μW max.)
Frequency Tolerance ±20×10-6 (at 25℃) ±100×10-6 (at 25℃)
Series Resistance 100Ω max. 60Ω max. 40Ω max.
Frequency Characteristics over Temperature ±30×10-6 / -30~+85℃ (Ref. To 25℃)
Storage Temperature Range -40~+85℃
Packing Unit (1) 3000pcs./reel (Φ180)

(1) Moisture prevention packing is unnecessary. Moisture Sensitivity Level:LEVEL1(IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033)

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