Low power consuming tuning fork crystal resonators are suitable not only for wristwatches but also for a wide range of other applications from industrial equipment to the clock functions in consumer and household electronics.


  • A cylindrical type tuning fork crystal resonator

Standard Specification

Type DT-38
Frequency Range 32.768kHz
Load Capacitance 12.5pF (1)
Drive Level 1.0μW (2.0μW max.)
Frequency Tolerance ±20×10-6 (at 25℃)
Series Resistance 30kΩ max. (2)
Turnover Temperature +25℃±5℃
Parabolic Coefficient -0.04×10-6/℃2 max.
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +60℃
Storage Temperature Range -20 to +70℃
Shunt Capacitance 1.3pF typ.

(1) Other capacitance value is available upon your request.
(2) Upon customer request.
(3) Moisture prevention packing is unnecessary.
Moisture Sensitivity Level: LEVEL 1(IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033)

Consult our sales representative for other specifications


Type A' A B C D E
DT-38 φ3.0 φ3.0+0.1,-0.2 8.0+0.1,-0.2 10.0±1.0 1.1±0.2 φ0.35±0.07


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