• 1612 size ultra miniature and lightweight SMD crystal resonator with a low profile of 0.35mm.
  • High precision and high reliability (Frequency aging specification of ±1×10-6/1 year or±3×10-6/5 years is available for cell phone or wirelesscommunication systems etc.)
  • Allowing for high density surface mounting.
  • Moisture prevention packing is unnecessary.
    Moisture Sensitivity Level:LEVEL1(IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033)


  • Small mobile devices for next generation such as mobile communications, short-range wireless modules, digital AV equipment and PC.
  • Wearable devices

Standard Specification

Frequency Range24~32MHz32~40MHz40~54MHz
Overtone OrderFundamental
Load Capacitance8pF, 10pF, 12pF
Drive Level10μW (100μW max.)
Frequency Tolerance±20×10-6 (at 25℃)
Series Resistance200Ω max.150Ω max.100Ω max.
Frequency Characteristics over Temperature±30×10-6 / -30~+85℃ (Ref. To 25℃)
Storage Temperature Range-40~+85℃
Packing Unit3000pcs./reel (Φ180)

Consult our sales representative for other specifications.

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