SMD-49(For Automotive)


  • Capable of operating over a wide temperature range, from -40 to +125℃.
  • Offers high reliability such as excellent shock and vibration resistance as well as excellent frequency stability.
  • Automatic mounting and reflow soldering applicable.
  • AEC-Q200 Compliant
  • Pb free
  • RoHS/ELV Compliant

Standard Specification

Type SMD-49
Frequency Range 4MHz 8MHz
Overtone Order Fundamental
Load Capacitance 8pF, 10pF, 12pF
Drive Level 10μW (300μW max.)
Frequency Tolerance ±30×10-6 ( at 25℃)
Series Resistance 120Ω max. 60Ω max.
Frequency Characteristics over Temperature ±100×10-6/-40 to +125℃
Storage Temperature Range -40 to +150℃
Reliability AEC-Q200
Packing Unit (1) 1000pcs./reel (Φ330)

(1) Moisture prevention packing is unnecessary.
Moisture Sensitivity Level: LEVEL1(IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033)

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