• H structure
  • Low voltage operation 
  • Low phase noise


  • Mobile phones
  • GPS/GNSS and Industrial radio communications

Standard Specification

Type DSB1612WA
Frequency Range 26MHz/ 38.4MHz/ 52MHz
Standard Frequency 26MHz / 38.4MHz
Supply Voltage Range +1.68 to +3.5V
Supply Voltage (VCC) +1.8V/ +2.6V/ +2.8V/ +3.0V/ +3.3V
Current Consumption +1.5mA max. (f≦26MHz)/ +2.0mA max. (26<f≦52MHz)/ +2.5mA max. (f≦60MHz)
Output Level 0.8Vp-p min. (f≦52MHz) (Clipped sine wave / DC-coupled)
Output Load 10kΩ//10pF
Frequency Stability Tolerance ±1.5×10-6 max. (After 2 reflows)
 vs. Temperature ±0.5×10-6, ±2.5×10-6 max./ -30 to +85℃
±0.5×10-6, ±2.5×10-6 max./ -40 to +85℃ (Option)
 vs. Supply Voltage ±0.2×10-6 max. (VCC±5%)
 vs. Load ±0.2×10-6 max. (10kΩ//10pF ±10%)
 vs. Aging ±1.0×10-6 max. / year
Start up time 2.0msec. max.
Phase Noise
Offset 100Hz
Offset 1kHz
Offset 10kHz
Offset 100kHz
Packing Unit (1) 3000pcs./reel(φ180)

(1) Moisture prevention packing

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